Scientists claim to have successfully teleported data


Ansible when?


Teleporting data. Wasn’t that called “wifi”?


Here, let me fix that image for you:

Teleporting Data



I think the closest Star Trek analogy would probably be subspace communication.

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Does this mean that
a) They transmitted the Data faster than the speed of light
b) That the data transmitted was not random
I’m not a physicist but I understood that spooky action at a distance could not be used to transmit meaningful information, only random stuff.


Wow. If this is true, then they’re well on the way to being able to send information back through time… should have some interesting implications :smile:

I’m not a physicist but I’ve always understood that entanglement is instantaneous. The main issue for long distance communication, assuming it’s not random as you say, would be separating the entangled electrons(?) i.e. the two must have been physically together at some point

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