Scientists discover transparent frog


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Scientists discover transparent translucent frog
neat little frog all the same.


This is clearly the coolest thing I will see through today.


I totally misread the title as Scientists discover transparent fog; and immediately had to scratch my head in confusion.

A clear(-ish) amphibian instead of a weather condition makes MUCH more sense.


Me too. That’s a wrap people. Go home. Monday is over. Don’t get greedy and loiter around hoping of two delightful things. That only happens on Fridays unless it’s a 3 day weekend. :slight_smile:


Yet another discovery preceded by the phrase “Huh. I never noticed that before.”


Not so fast!


Just a hunch, but did the first one to find it accidentally step on it?


I believe this frog changed its avatar to protest somebody getting banned.


Didn’t Harry Potter have one of these? And then Scabbers ate it?


If they found it then it was clearly not transparent enough.


The Whackyweedia informs me that the resemblance between ‘Kichwa’ and ‘Quechua’ is not a coincidence.


“Transparent fog.”

It was here the whole time!


Its the ideal gift for a person who wants to learn the correct way to open a frog.


Now I get it - it’s an iFrog !


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