Scientists host 3-day snail rave






If you are into snails, this book was great…the author was the first person to see a snail give birth, as I remember. She was sick and bedridden for months. The snail kept her company.


Someone should let them know that inside a dog toy is a spectacularly bad place to take shelter.


Cool. I bet they get those snails going up to 4 bpm!


Hmm. This trial is funded by “BeLungwormAware”, an initiative of Bayer, who make the lungworm treatment. I asked my vet about lungworm. My vet said to me “has your dog ever eaten a snail?”. I said no. He said: “I really wouldn’t bother, then”.


But… but… how can you be sure your dog has never eaten a snail?


Are you calling his dog a liar?


Dr Hodgson looks remarkably like Peter Dinklage, but Dinklage has better hair.


Does his breath ever smell of butter and garlic?

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