Scientists say Trump advances the Doomsday Clock. SCIENTISTS!


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I was just going to post a topic in #wrath about this especially after @renke mentioned this in another thread. This was something we had also discussed in Rob’s safe thread a few weeks ago when that took a dark turn.

Ignoring the half second, this is the closest to annihilation we’ve been since 1953. A time when the US and Soviets were testing and developing H-bombs. Let that sink in for a bit.

ETA: I see that this was mentioned in jlw’s original post – not sure how I missed it earlier, but screw it, it bears repeating.


well, i don’t know a better place or more appropriate time to post this one, then.


dammit, beat me to it.

carry on.


well, i suppose a MORE appropriate time would be to wait until the clock was actually at two minutes to midnight, but who wants THAT to happen??


Maybe if we’re really lucky that Ozymondias guy will come up with something.


You know, there are scientists on both sides of this controversy, and the data isn’t all in yet. Let’s not be hasty.


Been dedicating some time to fully enjoying the sunrises and sunsets. They may very well be our last. Fight to the end.



What criteria and formulae do they use? How was it peer reviewed and tested?


They check this website:

If it says, “Yes,” the clock is set to Midnight.

If it says “No,” it is set to some other value.


It’s so cute when the trolls think they’ve got us because they use legitimate terms (but incorrectly).


Scientists don’t typically run controlled experiments on the end of the world. No one wants to fund it except the Evil League of Evil, and their endowment consists mainly of laundromat quarters.


Late last night I flipping through channels when I saw those scientists talk about this at a press event on C-Span and watched a few minutes of it. If anybody here is interested, you can watch the whole thing on C-Span’s site


I hope he has a different plan. A hideous and destructive creature has already been dropped on New York.

It now occupies the White House.


The data needs to be reviewed by the political staff, first. Who knows how long that will take.


Deliberate hatchet job!
Everybody knows that Scientists are Libtard Cucks.

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