Scientists translate the novel coronavirus structure into beautiful music

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As you listen, you may be surprised by the pleasant, even relaxing, tone of the music. But it tricks our ear in the same way the virus tricks our cells. It’s an invader disguised as a friendly visitor. Through music, we can see the SARS-CoV-2 spike from a new angle, and appreciate the urgent need to learn the language of proteins.

If there is one thing I learned from creating algorithmic compositions and instruments in Reaktor and Max/MSP: That is so much bullshit right there. How the virus „sounds“ is mostly a consequence of choices made by the people setting this up, and not of e virus itself.


First, I really enjoy this sort of thing. I listened to the Anathem CD over and over. But I’m not going to listen to this, not right now. (And also, the whole “it’ll help researchers” thing really does kind of seem like a justification for just doing something really kind of cool. But I guess you can’t say “It’s really kind of cool.”)

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Maybe I’m completely fucking wrong here, but this seems like the apex of this distinctively American trend to always compulsively struggle to find some sort of silver lining, in anything bad.

Like, no, I want to be allowed to feel shitty during a viral pandemic.

Maybe we can use it as a turning point, sure, to recognize the flaws in our society, the healthcare system especially, then fix them.

That’s fine.
That’s different.
That’s us collectively learning from our mistakes.

But a narrative of: it might have killed hundreds of thousands, but at least it was responsible for some beautiful music is not one I can handle.

Right now, or ever.

Oh oh ohhh, My Corana!

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