Scotland has its own "can opener" bridge

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Translation from Scots:

England- Crown prosecutor
American- District attorney

Edit- just to add- the phrase “A report will be sent to the procurator fiscal.” is a common line in news reports, that simply means “The person mentioned has been charged with a crime, and the Procurator Fiscal must now decide whether to prosecute the case”

It’s a common yet precisely worded bit of legalease which describes the current state of legal proceedings without libelling anyone.


Vancouver just took delivery of some double decker buses. This is the nightmare scenario I envision when I think about being on the upper deck. Maybe I will stay on the lower deck if I ever ride on one of them.



Heh. Storrowed.


Scotland saw multiple deaths of children about 25 yeas ago when a ‘lost’ double-decker was driven under a railway bridge despite signs. The road was closed.


That’s a bit of a downer. Glad nobody was on this bus.


So I guess West Lothian will soon have one of these hop-on-hop-off tourist busses?

I think of you scroll through the other “bus hits bridge” articles’ comments you will find people kindly explaining why all your comments are not valid. /s :wink:

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Crown prosecutor

So it’s a similar rank to that held by Natalia Veselnitskaya,

I assumed that it was like the “love locks” bridges, only with people tying can openers to it.

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That’s what I decided to do (even on sightseeing buses) after this terrible Megabus crash:

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Good old Storrow drive!


Here they just go for the bus stops.

My brother and I almost had a uhaul on Storrow incident on Sept 1st one year many moons ago. Some nice driver (most have been from out of town) cut us off and waved us off the road.

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