Scott McCloud describes his forthcoming graphic novel "The Sculptor"


It’s great to see McCloud actually making comics again. It’s funny, just looking at his bibliography you’d think he was some schmuck who made a couple of funnybooks and decided he knew everything about the medium. The quality of the [Verb]ing Comics books is unimpeachable, but when you go looking for what he did to become such an expert, you find Zot! (which is also excellent, but I don’t think anyone read it 'til after Understanding Comics) and…um…hold on, it’ll come to me…I know there was something…

Anyway, the man’s great by any standards, bafflingly so given his meager output. It’s nice to see more from him.

I read Zot!, back in the day, and while the earlier color version was pretty good, the black and white version was a quantum leap forward for him both in story and in art. It’s been so long in between books for him, and most of that work has been in the form of his didactic books, that I’d rather not even think about this new book until February, it’s too frustrating otherwise.

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