Warren Ellis on the unique narrative power of comics


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/09/transmet-and-beyond.html


I remember the internet when the only thing to read everyday was Warren Ellis’ diepunyhumans.com and boingboing.net


Hey Warren, what happened to volume 4 of Injection? As soon as I bought a subscription, it vanished from sight.


Obligatory ur-text on the topic:


“I don’t trust any of you dog-fuckers!” may not be Ellis’ finest line but it has stuck with me.


No argument there; it’s the only college textbook I’ve had that I actually re-read for pleasure.


He sent something out on his email list earlier this year, I think, about how his artist had to take a break on the schedule. Which sucks, because I just finished volume 3, which was infinitely better than #2, and I really want to get to 4, too.


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