Scratch-built, thoroughly documented, working 1/4 scale V8 engine


That is an insane read. One note from the beginning of the thread: This is all hand machined. For some of these parts that’s just incredible, it’d take hours to make them.

No time to read the entire saga; drat! Just time enough for a question – did this guy build his own 1/4-scale spark plugs?

(Also, time enough for courtesy – Dean, thanks for all your work on this site!)

That is completely bad ass.

Many, many props to the builder.

How does one make a 1/4 scale V8 engine? Isn’t V8 just a description of the cylinder count and orientation? You can make one any size you please, can’t you?


Youtube video of it running:

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I thought that too, but in the thread, he mentions that the design 's loosely based on a Chevy big block. So yeah, more accurately, it’s a 1/4 scale of a particular V8, not V8’s in general.


Yes he did. That forum is full of instructions on how to make them.

The engine still seems to have issues running and will also seize up from the heat from what i was reading on the forum. However he is currently building a 1/3rd scale of a V10 so that should be a much more interesting build.

I believe he did make his own spark plugs, yeah. The full read is pretty incredible, there are very few parts he didn’t make himself, he’s dying and anodizing the different parts and even did computerized fuel injection for it.

Also, your appreciation is much appreciated! Thanks!

Well given that he doesn’t appear to have any cooling solution at all on his engine, this shouldn’t be a surprise. One of the more amazing parts is that it uses homemade electronic fuel injection(!!), but the fuel injection system gave him so much trouble that he abandoned the project for awhile.

Most badass clown car ever.

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Nice job. But this guy built a whole dern car, with 12 whole cylinders. Read about it on Boing Boing:

Based on a Chevy small-block, most commonly 350 cubic inches. The builders name, Mr5700, is a tip too (5700cc = 350c.i.)

wow. just amazing

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