Watch this gorgeous two-valve Stirling engine in action


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Is it two valve or two cylinder? Or maybe both?


Four cylinders. Zero valves.


Thanks - with three mechanic brothers - I should have gotten that.


I have owned the stirling engines that work from the heat of your hand or a mug, and i’ve been interested in upgrading to these ones that run off alcohol burning. They’re pretty neat but doesn’t seem to be the kind of thing you can casually display working since it involves burning a fuel source. Still think they’re cool as hell though.


In my imaginary self-built house, there’s a Stirling engine built into the back of the fireplace, powering the pump bringing water up to the house from the stream.


Why don’t you just imagine the stream running through the house?


Leeches, primarily.


I want to build a Low Temperature Differential Stirling engine into a hat to turn a prop. i.e. a steampunk brain-powered propeller beanie.


I once bought one off eBay that the owner listed as not working. I figured I could fix it. I was wrong… It was a maddening experience but they’re more delicate and finely tuned than they look.


I busted a stirling engine, the aforementioned one that works off the heat of your hand. It was hiding behind something on my bookshelf and when i picked something off the shelf it went tumbling and landed on it’s wheel, permanently bending it :confused: i tried fixing it but couldn’t get it to work again. I’ve since bought a new one but havent gotten around to assembling it.


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