Scratch is hiring an executive director

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That sounds like 20-hour days and no paycheck.


I was lucky enough to spend time at the MIT Media Lab a while ago, and hang out informally with Mitch Resnick before Scratch emerged.

Seriously, if you’re qualified, you should meet Mitch.


it’s almost like we should implement progressive taxation and fund the educators and innovators that make our world go around.

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Which inevitably involves the government picking winners.

I personally disagree with the implicit assumption that Scratch is something we should fund this way. I think Python would be a far better option for teaching kids basic programming skills. I learned basic when I was a kid, so it’s not like it’s unreasonable to expect kids learn a text-based language, and I think teaching anything about “CS” with a graphical language is completely ass-backwards, and is as likely to drive people away from it as get them into it.

part of the point of government is to pick winners and losers. republicans like to say otherwise because they want to undermine government’s core functions. it’s a dumb statement ( sorry ) that falls apart with the slightest look at what a government actually does.

we already have competitive grant programs for precisely this sort of thing. and we fund education programs generally. that said, i think it’s easy to argue that we underfund those programs in the united states. which was really all i was saying.

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