Screaming Marmot captures all of my emotions

By coincidence, Screaming Marmot is the name for my upcoming punk band.


I’m not on BB’s Facebook page, but I am on another large forum and I am on their FB page as well. It amazing me the derp level is 10x higher on the FB page - where we can see you and your real name - vs the forum, which uses usernames and avatars.

Now granted the forum does have some CoC rules and if people want to stick around they have to behave. So it is possible much of the derp on FB is from newer people who don’t care and don’t care if they are banned. But it still surprises me how many people act like jackasses with the less anonymity.


That’s my reaction every time BB mucks with its format . . . just sayin’ . . .


If you think the BB Facebook comments are harsh . . . don’t even go near the BB MySpace comments.

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It had to be stabilized.

I love marmots. They taste like chicken.

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It’s amazing how even on a site you wouldn’t expect a derpy demographic to be reading/commenting on, if it uses the FB plugin for comments it’s invariably swamped with caps lock, typos, and general inanity. At least on Youtube most of the commenters are obviously just fucking around, like teens tagging a bathroom stall. But FB comments seem quite sincere in their idiocy.


I regret ever going anywhere near it :frowning: I’ve sacked it off, but it’s too late now, isn’t it? Bah.

People are proudly, stubbornly ignorant. The internet has just exposed how widely the practice is, I used to have to find out while waiting in line…


No, just a crazy.


We like to call the one who roots around in the flowerbeds a ‘groundhog’. Now to check out BB on FB! Too much country living tends to dim the memories of everyday discourtesy when there’s too many rats in a cage. Except for all the rebel flags…

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