Screaming Marmot captures all of my emotions


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This is my reaction every time I read Boing Boing’s Facebook comments.

There’s yer trouble right there, no?


Boing Boing has Facebook comments?


I’m done.

I’m done posting in cyberspace.


P.S. It’s been real, something. You’ve violated my privacy, slandered me, libeled, and defamed my character because you disagreed with me, because I pissed you off, because I made you think? You’ve cost me jobs and food, life, at what cost? What end of the bell curve are you on? Destroying my career in the process is wrong, and you will pay in time. Karma is a b-word. Goodbye.


dancing about architecture.


Yet another reason I don’t have a Friendface account… really I get enough cray cray in my life as it is.


That’s kind of my response every time I hear that fool with a squirrel tail on his head talk about being president


You’re talking about the reason the marmot is screaming, right?


Its OK I don’t know why either, other than his job and life.


[quote=“Indubitably, post:4, topic:65862”]
You’ve violated my privacy, slandered me, libeled, and defamed my character
[/quote]Are you the marmot?


Marmot. One of the things that you either love or hate, So they tell us.


Came here to say that - WOT?

Still, let’s see the Youtube comments for the full aneurysm.


I do have an account on the Book of Faces, but only because someone has to correct racists’ grammar.


Does that make you a Nazi Grammar Nazi?


God, I hope so!


Plot twist: @Indubitably is secretly Rob Ford.


I think he IS the marmot.


Nice marmot!

(Watch out for your Johnson!)


This Marmot will represent my emotions when another BB editor posts this same Marmot in a couple days :wink:


I sound like that when I have to go to the DMV.