Screensavers VR lets you explore classic screensavers in virtual reality

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The best screensaver one was the castaway one, i still miss it. Loved that it changed regularly between different animated scenes. No idea if its in the VR thing, probably not.


Needs more flying toasters!!


Absolutely (I came to say the same). It looks like they completely missed after dark and all the other windows 3.1 screensavers. It’s amusing when people forget about computers pre win95 (or later!)

Is there a word for vertigo-inducing, skin-crawling terror induced by infinite black voids of 3D space like that?

Back when I was screwing around with Unity, I had to start every project by building myself a lit, enclosed space as quickly as possible because navigating the endless black gave me the willies. Imagining that in VR makes all my muscles unconsciously pucker.

Kenophobia / agoraphobia / nyctophobia?

No love for Torgo?

aww no onebox… anyway his theme music should be soon to follow.

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No-one’s seen fit to mention the xscreensaver collection yet? Shame!

There are many screensaver entries in jwz’s blog.

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