Screenshots of despair: the slide-deck




And here’s one if you wanna go retro:



I assume that @SmashMartian gets this one regularly:


Caused me no end of problems until I realized that it doesn’t even do a basic DNA analysis! :laughing:


I wrote one once & pasted it onto my fake desktop screenlock image. Using the standard graphics for WinXP dialog boxes, mine started by identifying itself as a message from “YourLife.exe” . The message read “YourLife has encountered an error and will terminate immediately.” I put in three radio buttons, “Retry”, “Restart”, and “Give Up” but I greyed-out the first two.


Once - and I really wish I had had the foresight to grab a screen shot - I got “Something really bad has happened.”


Hmmm, the Windows ones are funny because they’re meant to be serious, but the rest of them are just trying to be funny. Kills the humor a bit. (Humor is funny that way.)


This one is unintentional:


Shoulda been the list of sexually active popes…


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