Sculpting Sonic the Hedgehog with a 3D printing pen

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Yay for subtitles.
Neat work.


Indeed, hit “c” for human-created closed captions in English.

EDIT: his other videos turn out to be just as beautiful and ridiculous. What a goofball. Beschizza, if you watched it without captions, you’ve got to watch it again.

He’s got skills to pay the bills (and now a nightlight for when he goes to the toilet at night, apparently).

That was like watching literal magic. I haven’t seen someone use a 3d pen before. His skill level is astonishing. He’s also hilarious - the little comments and sidelines were great. “Is the sigh part of the process? Yes.” “Leave a comment and I will give the figurine away to no one. It is too precious.”


I’ve never actually wanted one of those pens before, but this might have changed my mind.

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