Sculptor collaborates with honeybees to cover statues with comb


For honeycomb-related artwork, may I recommend the work of Fiona Hall?


Whoa, I’m an instructor at the OSA and I hadn’t even noticed this. It’s gorgeous!

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Unrelated… It gave me a flashback of one of the first multimedia sites on the web (also features some early computer animation):
- - - W A X W E B - - - D a v i d _ B l a i r - -
“Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees”

My family kept bees when I was growing up so I’ve certainly had exposure; nonetheless I find the hexagonal grid of inspect colonies to be an extremely unpleasant and unsettling sight. Is that just my particular hangup, or a genetic stinging-insect aversion?

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I love it.
Do lotus pods make you uncomfortable as well?

Perhaps you have Trypophobia

I love the idea and execution of these sculptures, it’s super tight; but the subject matter does nothing for me. The technique seems wasted on trite scenes from Versailles, IMHO. Still, it’s pretty neat. I can respect that the artist chose it as a way to present this technique.

That’s very pretty. Many of my older sister’s friends had a beehive hairdo back in the day, but these are the first ones I’ve seen made by real bees.

Dyck was also featured here some time ago. I was particularly struck by her ‘Shoes’.

bee comb is a beautiful thing. i hope they were well paid in honey. bees got enough to deal with nowadays.

Very rococomb.


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