Sea Dragon (photo)




Thanks John K. Goodman! People are usually too stingy to upload pictures sexy and large enough to be my wallpaper.


You’re welcome! I have started watermarking lately but I still try to upload the best quality I can to Flickr, not least as a form of cloud backup.

I have a new fine arts photography site as well:


Lovely creature and nice work. Well done.


Leafy sea dragons are one of the most awesomely silly animals ever!
They’re close relatives of the seahorse and pipefish, with leafy disguises.


I first heard about these creatures in “Gould’s Book of Fish: A Novel in Twelve Fish” by Richard Flanagan. It’s one of my favourite books. You should read it.


At 7 seconds in. You know you want some.


BADASS Sea Dragon, ftfy


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