Sea gull picks a fight with itself


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One year when I was growing up, a bird set up her nest a few feet from a window. For about 2 hours every afternoon, the sun was in the right place and she saw her reflection in the glass. Every sunny day, she would spend that time attacking her reflection. After a while, we got used to the repeated sound of flutter-flutter-flutter-WHUNK. But visitors would go “what WAS that!?” and we’d have to explain.


Male cardinals are the worst with this. For a couple years my wife and I had to tie plastic bags over the side mirrors of our cars when they were parked in our driveway, because a resident cardinal was convinced he could see a competing male in them. He would spend his entire day beating himself against the mirrors nonstop, shitting all over our car doors in the process.


Maybe he wants to show off and become a Goodfeather.


Yea, that video link doesn’t work for me. I got a still picture with a seagull soundtrack.

Not A Flock of Seagulls. Just one. He did sound angry.


More like pecks a fight, amiright? Hee Hoo!


Is this why dogs chase cars?


You know? You might be onto something there. Cars used to have more chrome and relective surfaces.

Or maybe they chased the car “away” and it was reinforcing.:dog2:




This person could have used your LifeHack :slight_smile:


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