Crow enjoys riding windshield wipers


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NEVermoRE NeveRMORE nevERMOre…


Why are crows so relentlessly awesome? Why




Hanging on to that wiper must be murder.

I see what you did there.



I was gonna write something to that effect, but you beat me to it.


The world would be a muchly boring place if corvids didn’t exist.


I love the super fast progression of:

Omg, Can you believe this I have never seen anything like this!!

Burst of laughter.

Is the bird stuck, is it ok?

No, I think he likes it.


Ok, bird GTFO

From Wonder to Boredom in a nice, tight package.


Noted, we’ll update the record.


Crows are awesome ; sometimes they are assholes, just like us :slight_smile:


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