This bird just loves riding a moving sidewalk


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Pix of its completion of more than one cycle, or it didn’t happen.


That’s… literally what the post contains.

*Edit having watched again: Well don’t I look stupid?


Based on the number of times I have seen pigeons try to get away from me by flying two feet straight forward only to have to repeat this every few steps as I catch up, I am unsure whether the bird in the video is enjoying the ride or is just a dumb bird.

Those crows rolling down the snow covered car windows… THOSE birds were enjoying it! =oD


On second thought, ‘birdbrain’ describes me pretty well.


Could be play, could be distress:


“Wheee” tag is missing.


birds just wanna have fun, obviously.


This bird just loves riding a moving sidewalk

Who doesn’t?


Or poor bird just wants to sit down but some dick keeps moving his perch and dumping him off.


stand right
walk left
fly railing


This is a species role reversal of me, Disneyworld, 1970s, the “If You Had Wings” freebie (advertising) ride.


My eye caught this headline just before the one on the next posting: “What’s the future of Twitter?”

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