Pigeon thinks roof exhaust vent is a merry-go-round


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Even Pigeons got’a have some fun.



s/thinks/is aware that/


I like to imagine that the other pigeons on the roof are waiting for their turn on this spinning rooftop vent.

Given the lack of interest by the other pigeons, I think it’s more likely they’re saying, “Whoa Bob, you’re a crazy one!” Although this sort of behavior by various birds (presumably all dare-devil thrill-seekers) is well documented - riding on things just, apparently, for the “fun” of it.


That pigeon is an idiot.

That’s not what those things are for.


Knowing pigeons as I do, I’ll bet the pigeon thinks the world suddenly started rotating and he’s the one standing still.



Great, now I’ve got pigeon vomit all over my roof.


Is pigeon vomit more vile or less than pigeon poo?



Good point. They get you coming and they get you going.


Thinks? They don’t have that much brain.


Reminds me of the cat on the Roomba. We got two kittens – litter-mates – about 15 years back. One of them managed to get herself under a small upside-down cat bad, and began walking around with it on top of her. The other kitten promptly got on top and took a ride. Wish I had a video of it.


Maybe the vent is a source of warm air on a cold morning?


See, there’s your problem. Like a mechanical bull in a bar, you shouldn’t give 'em alcohol before they get on.




There are roller and tumbler breeds of pigeons. That one’s a spinner.



That made me happy!


Coo coo coo coo, coo coo coo coo, merry-go-round!
coo coo coo coo, coo coo coo coo, merry-go-round!