Pigeon poops on state lawmaker as he gives TV interview about pigeon poop problem

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Score one for the “Sky Rat”!






When their aides told him he really needed to illustrate the point I don’t think this what they had in mind…


Coulda been worse. . .

Spoiler: I believe this is fake.

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Then, as he tried to drive away:


John Ratzenberger as a pigeon! He’s everywhere!

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At least he gives a shit about his constituents.


Or at least takes a shit for them. :slight_smile:


A few moments before:

Those aren’t pigeons. They’re his donors.

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I live in an apartment building. My bathroom has one of those windows that opens onto a small shaft that lets light and a bit of air in. I’m on the first floor, level with the bottom of the shaft, which is just kind of a shingled floor with some drainage pipes.

A few months back I started hearing strange squeaking noises every morning at sunrise. I couldn’t figure out what kind of bizarre morning routine my neighbors might have to produce that noise. Then I eventually discovered that a group of pigeons had taken up residence in that ventilation shaft next to my bathroom. Over the last few months the bottom of the shaft has become absolutely disgusting with pigeon shit. I should probably tell my landlord about it…

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Nets and spikes don’t work as well as you’d think. I’ve seen pigeons building nests on spike strips and sparrows routinely fly in and out of the netting at Forest Hills station. I think Boston T stations are better designed than those Chicago ones though. That particular Irving Street stop looks like something from the 1950’s. We in Boston started modernizing stations in the mid 1960’s. Less girders over commuters helps a lot.

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Another entirely man-made problem.
In the neolithic, at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, we domesticated for a food source, the rock dove. It is not a common bird that needs very specific conditions for nesting, that we could easily provide.
After it was “ours” for thousands of years, and bred into freaks, we let the Columba livia f. domestica go feral everywhere that humans took the middle eastern / southern European agricultural revolution, and further in east Asia even.
In terms of quantity and distribution Columba livia domestica is now the most successful type of feral domesticated dinosaur in the history of this universe.


We deserve to be shat on.

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