Sealing wax is easy to use and makes snail mail fun


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Very retro, me likey.


When you inevitably run out of beads:


Hopefully this won’t make things too heavy for my raven.


So, would you say that you are a father still perfecting ways of making sealing wax?


And cabbages and kings…


I ordered it. I can finally put that signet ring my grandmother gave me something like 27 years ago (and I don’t wear) to good use!

Plus, I’ve always thought wax seals are wicked cool. :sunglasses:


When I got married, we did sealing “wax” that melts in a low temp glue gun. It’s a lot easier and you don’t have to feel like you’re freebasing


Practice on wax paper and you can peel off the good ones, use a bit of heat to reapply.


makes snail mail fun

Sending secret correspondence to your followers and cohorts in the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel just isn’t the same when you have to rely on email.


Not as secure as mail sealed with wax.


Wax instead of blood? I’ll have to try that.


And this will make it though the USPS intact?

… based on the condition of some recent letters and packages I’ve received, I have some doubts.


There was a time I wondered why anyone would wax a ceiling.

Wouldn’t a wax sealed letter totally gum up the automatic letter handling machinery?


You’re not supposed to send it through the US Postal Service, you’re supposed to just ring a bell for the nearest attendant in a powdered wig so he can deliver it by hand.


I’ve tried ringing every bell in the house, and this fellow has failed to appear. Blast and damnation.


I didn’t have any issues with my wedding invitations making it through. I don’t know how many of their machines I destroyed in the process though.


I don’t think I’d accept a letter sealed with wax. I’d be worried I was chosen to be the next Hand of the King or something which never goes well.


When else would I get to feel like I’m freebasing, though? Without actually, you know…freebasing.


I have a bunch of old lead type harvested from flea markets and such over the years. I found some enormous sticks of the deep red sealing wax in like Williamsburg Virginia mb? Anyway, you don’t really need the spoon if you aren’t afraid of a bit of carbon in the mix. I used to just put the sealing wax next to the flame (not on top, not inside) slowly rotate it until you smell the lovely chemical whatever is in there. It’ll bubble and smoke maybe a touch. Dab directly on seam, give it a half twist , then plunge the lead type into the middle. Wait a bit and it pops right off. You can add ribbons or feathers or whatnot, but it can get a bit complicated, so maybe the lil spoon isn’t such a bad idea. Now where is that wax…