"Seasons of Trump": Randy Rainbow's tribute to the Trump administration

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If there’s one thing I’m going to miss about the last four years, it’s the sheer consistent quality of the satire/parody songs that we’ve had.

Randy Rainbow has been consistently excellent, and likewise, folk like Roy Zimmerman (The Liar Tweets Tonight) and Shirley Serban (So Long, Farewell)
Founders Sing have that cute animated characters thing.
And James Corden has been able to leverage being a network tv host into some spectacular production numbers.
Even folk like Mitch Benn here in the UK (Fuck That Guy) have been unable to resist the opportunities.

And whilst the next four years are unlikely to be as dull as we all hope, I suspect that in hindsight this will have been a golden age for this genre.


My partner had never seen Rent, but after hearing a few songs a few times in my playlists, she got curious enough that we watched it recently. (And of course, she absolutely loved it.) So yesterday when I heard that distinctive piano intro, I did squee with glee that she was able to fully appreciate Randy’s latest contribution.

Might crank the hell out of that around noon. I just wish he’d done La Vie Bohème as well.

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Thank you for identifying the song. My l33t ‘name that tune’ skillz are not very good when it comes to recent musicals, i.e., last 30-odd years.

Colbert got one last performance out of Laura Benanti with a magnificent farewell to Melania song filmed in Times Square:


What’s Randy gonna do now? (Great video, btw.)

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