Seaweed that tastes like bacon

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I’m from Nova Scotia, and we eat it pulled from the sea, dried, and then inserted into mouth (probably unsanitary, but whatevskis). Delicious. Salty. Awesome.


Yeah, but does it taste like BACON that way?

Also, seaweed, the bacon of the sea?

Now I want a seaweed and bacon sandwich…


ALCHEMY! The philosopher’s stone has been revealed!


I’ve tried the pea-protein meat substitute; not bad, if a little heavy on the thyme, and light-years ahead of the TVP that used to show up frequently in school lunches and survivalist kits. If this truly is seaweed that cooks up and tastes like bacon, the next hurdle will be making it comparable in price with real bacon. Once that happens, it’s game over, and pigs everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief (until Easter rolls around again.)

P.S. Dulse isn’t a ‘new’ sea product; back in the 60s, Euell Gibbons was writing about it, and yep, it’s a traditional food anywhere it grows. This just sounds tastier.


It’s a new strain — it’s not saying that Dulse itself is new.


I truly hope the day will come when all the beings that humans eat can breathe a sigh of relief. Sadly, so many meat-eaters I come across say they would still prefer the animal flesh even if it tastes the same. These people are essentially telling me that given a choice (and yes, I’m calling out those of us lucky enough to have a choice. People with limited choices of course are in a different boat), they just enjoy the suffering of living things.

When the aliens come they’re not going to wonder about all the bombs or inequality. They’re going to wonder how we can expend so many resources killing animals for no reason.


Ocean-ey bacon…? No. I can’t even. There is no bacon experience to be had. Just a rather floppy fishy potato chip-ish experience.

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This is pretty cool. I personally try not to eat so much meat mostly cause we nutritionally should be eating more fruit and veg anyway. But as far as Bacon itself goes, pigs wouldn’t think twice about chowing down on me if I keeled over dead in front of them… so mmmm bacon though I imagine the seaweed version is much better for me.


I have used dulse to soften dried beans when cooking them. It also adds some flavor and sodium. I can imagine using just this instead of also adding some kind of pork for more flavoring. I’d be willing to give it a shot.


Solent Red is now ready for your enjoyment…


When you fry it in bacon fat, which I have done, it tastes like bacon FIFY.

I’ve eaten dulse all my life, it is delicious, but unless this strain is really different in flavor, then someone hasn’t had real bacon in a while if they think it tastes like bacon. It has a smokey flavor for sure, but comparing anything to bacon is blasphemy.


Maybe my taste buds just aren’t all that sophisticated, but I always thought that bacon didn’t really taste like much in particular, per se, it was all about the texture and mouthfeel. Which is awesome, btw.

They did say it’s a new strain (ergo, not the one you’ve eaten all your life), and their making much of the baconness does imply this is a new and different taste. They also mention the wild stuff selling for 90 bucks a pound, so pigs aren’t in the clear yet.


Yeah, like i said the new strain would have to be pretty different for me to consider it bacon flavored.
I look forward to trying it though.

I’ve eaten quite a few DLT’s (dulse lettuce and tomato sandwich) where dulse was meant to substitute for bacon.
There are people who think all dulse tastes like bacon, so color me skeptical.

You can get it a lot cheaper then that, and also dulse is sold dry, so 1lbs is actually a huge amount of the stuff.

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Futuristic food made out of algae?

may contain some human byproducts


Ideally we’d be working getting these same nutritional properties into something that’s easy to grow like pears or okra.

A pound of dulse would be a hell of a lot of dulse.


You, uhm, read the linked article, right?

yes, yes I did. like i said, i’ll believe it only when i taste it.

been told the same thing about other strains of dulse in the past, several different times, so again I am skeptical.

people say soy baco bits taste like bacon, even says so on the bottle, but I really don’t think it does. “tastes like” is very subjective. so far i have found nothing that tastes like bacon except delicious bacon.

BUT if it does taste even close that will be awesome. :slight_smile: