Seawitch: detail, 1980s arcade game (Boing Boing Flickr Pool)


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Seawitch was a pinball game – while pinball games were sometimes found in arcades, it’s weird to call them “arcade games” as that generally implies something like Pacman or Galaga that used a CRT.

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Yes. Calling a pinball machine an arcade game gets +1 point for technical accuracy and -10 points for confusion.

Thanks so much for the photo post, Xeni! I’ve been a fan of Boing Boing for nearly 10 years and I’m honored and thrilled to see my work here.

Next time you visit Chicago, you should check out Logan Arcade, it’s one of my favorite places. I took the Seawitch photo (and many more) during my first visit there. When I saw all the restored classic pinball and video games there I nearly flipped my lid. So many memories came rushing back–I felt like Proust!

Here’s a little photo feature that I worked on before the arcade opened.


Thanks so much–you made my week. Also, gotta send a big thank you out to J Zespy of Logan Arcade for letting me open up his classic pinball machines and look inside.

Hope you guys liked the photo–I have plenty more that are similar. I’m lucky enough to have access to these beautiful old machines at Logan Arcade in Chicago–probably my favorite place.

Logan Arcade opens

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