Fantastic gallery of old pinball arcade in Kansas City

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Only thing missing is a full bar.

PS. Whenever I’m in Alameda, Ca. I stop in here, you are permitted to bring in spirits!


That and Richard Dreyfus distracting the owners so The Pharaohs can rip off the place.

I love the signs on the walls warning that no one under sixteen may play and that no payouts are offered, hearkening back to pinball’s early days as a gambling device.

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At the risk of being slightly off-topic (the post is both about Kansas City and pinball, after all), it bears mentioning that the annual Shawnee Open is this weekend. Nothing quite so old as a 1968 machine will be played, but there is a side tournament for Firepower if you’re looking for something a bit more nostalgic.I plan to attend, but I have no financial interest in the enterprise.

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One 1981 night I was in San Francisco’s Chinatown and I saw an old storefront arcade full of those 1950s bingo machines, with a bunch of guys playing them. It was like a time warp.

Come to Seattle. We have a pinball museum (you can play everything as long as you want!)

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Two suggestions, if you’re in Pennsylvania: The Village Arcade in St. Peters is a classic 70’s style arcade with about 20 pins and a bunch of shooting and racing games. The Old Sled Works outside of Harrisburg has an arcade/soda fountain in the back with 5 pins and a crapload of nutty EM games (a peep show, a 30’s bombing game, plus the usual gun and racing games), plus there’s a secret room that has ~100-year-old pre-electric pinball (with the actual pins nailed in the playfield) for a nickel a pop.

Just to be a pedant (I’m a collector of EM machines, mostly from the late 60s on), the photo onthe blog page shows a row of bingo machines, which are kind of a side-branch. You don’t get long play time per ball as you do in standard pins: you just try to drop into the right holes. It’s more like horizontal pachinko.

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There’s also this in Pittsburgh: Replay FX Arcade & Gaming Festival

This should cure your pendantry: The sixth or so photo down shows a row of actual pins (fronted by the infuriating Hot Line), not bingo games.

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What impresses me the most is that aside from a little torn linoleum, the place is so clean.

And today. Sad.

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