SEC charges blockchain payments firm Ripple with conducting unregistered securities offering

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“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to their lawyers, suing you for building an incorrect mousetrap.”


I read elsewhere (forgot where, not gonna go look) that the pair was thinking about moving out of SF or Calif due to the overburden of regulation.

Reminds me of a Spanish lesson I’m in on Duolingo that goes something like “all talk and no action.”

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Ripple / xrp is a trash coin, pump and dump money making scheme. The currency is worthless and with 45 billion circulating coins and another 50 billion the company has in escrow no one will ever make money besides Ripple. The tokens can’t be used by anyone on anything and have absolutely no value. The only way to make the company not look like a joke is to put 70 billion xrp tokens on a hard drive, remove said hard drive and then burn it with thermite in the parking lot. These guys deserve to be sued.

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