Second U.S. case of Wuhan coronavirus 2019-nCoV confirmed by CDC

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CDC says ‘risk to the American public is low at this time’


This scene really has aged well…


This one is right up there with “play it again Sam” for misremembered dialog.


As long as Madagascar hasn’t closed all ports, I think we’re ok.


luckily i have a remote job, i can just have robots deliver me ramen

*beads of sweat roll down head as i grin too intensely*

Same … also close to getting a robot to deliver:


i thought it’s actually harmful to always use purell? something about superbugs? (Not trying to be a smartass I found your gif funny :slight_smile: just genuinely curious - I use purell mostly because I am on a med that means I need lots of water, thus need restroom more, and my hands were getting chapped washing every time)

Lol, Probably is bad but in these moments my inner hypochondriac has that urge to keep pouring it over myself.

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