Secret Cold War docs show NSA spied on senators




Anticipated NSA response:

“The spying was the result of miscommunication over procedures and was entirely unintentional, but anyway there was a secret court decision that said it was OK and we deeply regret the error and now we’re going to go on doing exactly what we want, fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you.”


It’s important not to have some punk senators interpreting ‘separation’ as ‘independence’. That could only lead to trouble.


They tapped Frank Church? like, Mr. Church Committee Church?

noi j’tat! (that’s…arabic…by the way)


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, I suppose. Too bad he didn’t know it at the time, or there might have been some punchier sections in the committee’s report.


This just adds street cred to the foil-hat bozos who think that the government’s controlling the weather to change voter turnout in South Dakota.


History is the greatest predictor of current and future behavior. We ought to remind of the NSA spokes people of this right before they try to lie


It’s entirely possible he did know it: according to William Miller, who worked on the committee, the unclassified report ran to 12 bound volumes, while the classified version apparently ran to 60 volumes (he says this 1:14 into this video, at a fairly interesting panel about the Church Committee that happened yesterday).


Secrecy is the enemy of democracy


The NSA is a rogue, ungoverned agency within the US Government. The people running the show should be tried as traitors and the rest of it SHUT DOWN.


Welcome to your new, full time, never-do-anything-else-ever-again job.


The organization that should not be confused with the National Security Archive is, of course, the National Security Agency, not the National Security Administration. How is NSA going to do efficient keyword spotting if people keep screwing up their name?


Back in those days, only important people like Senators got spied on. These days we ALL get to be spied on.


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