Secret garden in an abandoned paper mill


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Was dioxin ever used in paper mills in Sweden? If so, that might not be a garden you want to eat the produce of. Pretty, though.


One of the captions says the site is believed to be heavily contaminated, which is too bad given the superb bones of that building.

But nature is already solving that problem!


Really? Really? I mean, it’s prettier than the rest of the place, I’m sure, but “most beautiful ever”? Really?



My friend’s father owns a bunch of warehouse buildings, a few of which were condemned when he bought the land. On an upper level of one of the buildings was a huge room which had been badly damaged by water from a roof that was more symbolic than functional. The floorboards had buckled in a way that resembled rolling hills and were covered with moss and weeds. Those spaces can be amazingly beautiful.


Watch out for clickers


Been there, done that! :slight_smile:

I live a hour drive from the place, was there a few years ago, shooting.



For some people it may be true - the beauty is subjective. For me such places are beautiful, in their own way.

Probably the best I’ve personally been to was an old hydropower plant, with most equipment from 1910, or older. It was still operating :slight_smile:


That’s pretty.


It was amazing :slight_smile:
Notice that these machines still use flat transmission belts. They also use centrifugal speed regulators:

It looks wonderful in motion. I’ve tried to put a video on YouTube, but it seems to require Google+ account.



Nice! And it isn’t very far from where I live - I’ll have to see it some day :slight_smile:


In that case, get one if those:
Check out the locations.


I found out how to upload movies to YouTube :slight_smile:


That’s gorgeous. I wish I’d designed that! Any idea what kind of runners are inside those blue doughnuts?


Very large hamsters.


The blue doughnut-shaped ones are water turbines, the yellow one in the middle is a flywheel, and the red part is a generator. The generator is very similar to car alternator, you can even see the slip rings in third video. It provides 3-phase AC at 10 kilovolts.

The architecture there is amazing too:

When the dam was being built, the engineers also designed hotel for themselves. The hotel is on a 60 meter cliff by the dam.

They even built a Thunderdome :wink:


Yup, I am very familiar with this type of equipment. I was just wondering if the turbine runners were Francis type, or Peltons, or something more exotic. (I’m a fan of the Francis personally but I think Peltons might be more common outside North America.)

I love how they color coded the equipment, I would have done the same thing, except I would’ve swapped the red and yellow. I use yellow for electric.

When I get home I’m going to watch all your vids. Thanks for posting them!