Quilted Northern nods to maker culture


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It’s a real tossup between this and CornHub as to which is the best thing I’ve seen today.


I’m pretty sure this is what was in the single-sheet TP dispensers at my elementary school circa 1971.


I remember those! They were about as soft and absorbent as notebook paper.


Could also be used for light sanding. Would certainly scratch eye glasses, especially the shitty early plastic lenses they were trying to give kids.


This takes me back to summer camp and the line “We use recycled toilet paper” carved into the wall of the outhouse. Felt like it too.

And then there was the fun revision–“We use recycled food”–put up on the wall of the dining hall behind the servers. It took days before one of the adults noticed and took it down.


That shit bummed me out, Man.



We had this toilet paper in my Catholic grade school. True story.


Ah, the good old days!


“Artisanal”…“virgin birch”…how did Portlandia miss this opportunity?


Nice idea, but I still prefer to make my own.


We prefer to use the word “Re-served food.”


Dang, wish I’d had it for my colonoscopy prep two days ago. Woulda gone through three of those suckers.


One camera company around here refers to 2nd hand products as “pre-loved”. Frankly horrifying mental images from that one.


Artisanal toilet paper would be perfect for the artisanal poop I’m going to make out of these artisanal cupcakes.


I quit trusting these jerks ever since they discontinued their line of pine cones.


That last roll-- the “virgin birch” roll-- reminded me of a friend who didn’t bring toilet paper when he hiked the Appalachian Trail, he used moss and leaves, and he claims he even used pine cones as well.

To which I reply, “Whatever you say, stinky.”


I remember the toilet paper in East Germany being a lot like this. And the toilets had a sort of shelf above the water, I guess for Scheisseinspektion?


I don’t know about Germany but Dutch toilets still have them.