This fun and fruity toilet paper looks good enough to eat


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This fun and fruity toilet paper looks good enough to eat

Are you implying the regular kind doesn’t…?


Some use their hand…

This isn’t literally true, is it? Please tell me it’s not.


What do you think pre-modern people did? Water alone won’t cut it, and cloth is expensive and would need to be washed in turn anyway. They had toilet paper in China 1500 years ago if you could afford it. but everyone else, not so much.

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Seems not to be fruity toilet paper, but fruity-wrapped toilet paper. One provides the fleeting pleasure of unwrapping, the other many hours of wiping joy.


I was briefly very excited when I saw this, but it’s really just regular white toilet paper in a beautiful package.


Don’t you mean scent not included, as in you have to provide your own bathroom smells?

exactly what @tobergill and @taj said.


I realise this is just the wrapping paper, but man, toilet paper has to be white so you can see when to stop using it.


This seems like the perfect thing to put in IHOP restrooms. Once you’ve had your Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity…

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