Anti-theft toilet paper dispenser with facial recognition technology


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This public toilet scans your face to make sure you don't use too much toilet paper

cough only in beijing is taking more than two feet of toilet paper considered theft.

Anyways, couldn’t this be solved with a smart phone placed close to the camera, displaying someone else’s face?


You said it comrade!!


Seems like a missed opportunity. Dispense 2 ft of toilet paper, if the person requires more offer to do so for a price.

Alternatively stash some toilet paper in a baggie and keep in neatly tucked away on your person when going out and about. This is honestly really good advice, you never know when you’ll need toilet paper. I always have some stashed in my car during trips :stuck_out_tongue:


Nine minutes? Cool, I could get at minimum… 18 feet.


That’s the norm in China. Most public restrooms do not have any toilet paper at all.


In all honesty, so do I. And not because of any odd reason, but sometimes on road trips a passenger will need to take a bio break in an unconventional, out of the way location. No shade thrown, it just happens.

I also keep paper road atlases, power tools, safety equipment, and a number of other “just in case” items in my trunk.

And no, trunk is not a euphemism for my rear end :grinning:


Isn’t it taking a picture of the wrong end?


For me and my family’s case it’s usually for spills, blowing your nose, etc. Very rarely have we needed it for a potty break… But having something available like TP or napkins is extremely useful regardless. One will definitely lament not having anything when you need it the most.


That said, I hope that copywriters make some dosh writing lines for the box and proclamations that invoke a want to use every square millimeter of the paper somehow.

Who dares summon the Great TP Wizard of the Temple of Heaven!
I measure toilet paper. The wastepipes sing my praise.

I saw you before! You just decorated your face with garnishes and turmeric!

You are the 3119th guest to look like you were tweaking. Easy on the bitter melon soup, pal.

Only used half? Good going. Your prize, pal.

Out this week on TP only: Comprehensive Regional Law on Heaven.


Still, that is a lot of junk in your trunk.


Hell yeah. ■■■■■ naps (ugh, moist) are also incredibly useful. Sandy shoes after a trip to the beach, mud from tramping around the mountains, etc. are cleaned up nicely.

It just occurred to me I should pack some Benadryl and lotion for nettles, and poisonous oak/ivy, bee stings. I am pretty tolerant–i kinda like the way nettles feel–but not everyone does.


You know, toilet paper is one of the things nobody ever talks about when they mention the fall of civilization. I guess I’ve got something else to add to my bugout bag…


From a pretty weird anime i used to watch…


Still beats the alternative.

Everyone I knew in China used the napkins from restaurants, they come in (essentially) travel tissue packaging and every place uses them as advertisements for the restaurant because people take it everywhere.


I would 100% support this for paper hand towels, because screw Georgia Pacific / Koch Industries:

For toilet paper though, yeah… I think that’s an 80/20 rule kind of thing. There are always going to be those cases where it’s not gonna be enough I guess.


T.P. dispenser will eventually be replaced with an instructional poster for the 3 seashells


Closing the circle, as it were.


That’s not enough. That’s just not enough.


One more reason to not visit China. As a kid with completely uncontrolled IBD, it was bad enough facing idiot store managers who said “Sorry, the restroom is for employees only.” I was always tempted to just drop my drawers right there in front of them, but lacked the nerve.