Secret of Mana is 20 years old


Thanks for supplying my daily “Damn, I’m getting old” moment, @beschizza.

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I love the game, but the AI was so bad (especially during bosses) that it turned the game into a grind just to level up enough to make up the difference.

I imagine the multiplayer was kick ass though.

I got this game for Christmas that year. It was an amazing game, but possibly the most impressive thing was the price. It was not unusual to see it selling for $75.

i just re-played this game on my phone. probably my favorite game ever.

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“A charming, epic SNES RPG, it offered more action than Chrono Trigger, more depth than Legend of Zelda, and you could play it with two friends!”

Except that you didn’t play Chrono Trigger for the action, you played it for the depth, and you didn’t play Legend of Zelda for the depth, you played it for the action. So basically Rob is admitting that Secret of Mana is only better than the worst aspects of the other two better known, more successful games. :wink:


Secret of Mana! It was funnier than Tarkovsky’s Stalker, and sadder than UHF starring Weird Al Yankovic!

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How is it on iOS? Worth the $8.99?

This game was designed for the meditation of the various Christs of the world. Probably the greatest 16-bit soundtrack you could ever ask for, and a gorgeous visual atmosphere. One experience very influential for me growing up as a child.

Eternal recurrence and the fear of the holy lands of mana’s Shambala, this game is truly a work of art! Squaresoft developers were teleological and “good faith” intentioned in their hopes for the youth; finality fantasies, for the combat of the death of magic, nature and humanity in our modern age. Just adding on, not trying to exclude anything or anyone.

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