Security researcher arrested after he warns Hungarian transit company about their dumb mistake

OT, but that license plate is the best!

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Thanks, I found it on the internets!

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I have had issues when I leave the window open overnight (“sleep on it”) before making the final click. One time (Panda Security) it seems the sale was over so they charged the regular price. Another was an eyeglass site, it seems the deal on free tinting for prescription glasses was over, so I got clear glass, even though my receipt said tinted.
Both made good on it (long hassel with Panda) and I got to keep the clear glasses.

All hail the internets!

Max isn’t the vicar anymore… could you call again later?

This is likely part of the movement in browsers to label “almost secure” behaviors as insecure. eHarmony could be using HTTPS for their login, but serving the form for that login over HTTP. Firefox used to warn about form submissions that had a password field and were targeted to HTTP regardless of how they were served, it has recently started to also warn about password forms served over HTTP but targeted to HTTPS. A decade ago this was considered secure and fairly normal practice, but since then security researchers have shown that a clever attacker can use any number of methods to intercept the HTTP delivered form and alter it to submit to their own system.

Yes, even if all of that data is only ever handled under HTTPS if any part of their site at all is ever served over HTTP then much of that protection is lost.

Would not GULASH again. This is Hungary, after all.

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I hope a subset of the Hungarian people who first brought this to our attention, will follow up and get him released. Then again, Hungary is not the most democratic of states at the best of times, and the current guy in charge is a racist fascist asshole, so there might no be a way out for the poor kid.

Sometimes I think the EU should just start from scratch without countries like this. Then I’m reminded of Marine Le Pen and Jeroen Dijsselbloem, and I just despair for us all.

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