ICE agent arrested restaurateur on fake trafficking charges in exchange for free Korean food from rival


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“It was outrageous.”

WTF & JFC, I need another cup’o java after that one.



Get ready for more stories like this in the next four years. ICE officers saw that their gravy train was pulling into the station and the corrupt ones will be first at the spigots now that it arrived.


So there is actually a line that can be crossed. Good to know.


Careful, that’s about to be hate speech in Trump’s America.


Well it’s not like it was a defenseless black person. They were Asian - we like Asians… we feel guilty for dropping nuclear bombs on them so it makes us sympathetic.



Madness leaking out of the woodwork.

Because it was never commies hiding back there.


Safe bet he was getting hooked up with sex workers and the food was a secondary benefit.


I live in a sanctuary county. Our university does not keep track of immigration status when a crime is reported. I’m now drafting a letter to the county and the university asking for guidance and what my legal and employment rights are to not cooperate with ICE if they come looking for a student, since Trump is expected to sign an executive order aimed at DACA and Dreamers today. But the kind of corruption that’s coming coupled with expanded powers … how do we even fight it?


Any “innocent” LEO officer at this time in our history is basically a German soldier in the 30’s. Maybe they don’t realize what they are participating in but that makes no practical difference.

They are coming for you and your moral stance is no defense.

Go ahead, wait until your numbers have been depleted and offer a token resistance. Warsaw, Poland 1943 should have taught people a lesson on waiting until the knife was at your throat before fighting back.


I’m always surprised when I come across someone who is normally very intelligent, but when it comes to recognizing tyranny, seeing the threats to their very persons, they pretend it isn’t happening, it isn’t important.


I don’t know for certain but I suspect that a flaw in any inclusionary philosophy is that belief that the “other” is just like you creeps in over time.

The enemy does not have this problem as their philosophy is inherently exclusionary.

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