ICE agents remove legal foreign worker from farm, threaten farmer when questioned about having a warrant


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In my neck of the woods [East San Diego City], Ice Vans have been pelted with rocks, like daily. They ain’t welcome round here.


The ICE agents are illegals.


Hey, Giuliani, wanna take on some pro bono work?


If some homeowner can gun down a kid who accidentally rings his doorbell, and get off scott free, you would think that a farmer, confronting armed thugs who are on his property illegally and are attacking one of his employees, could defend himself in like manner.


Sooner or later these SS bastards are gonna pick the wrong brown guy to mess with and justice will be done. I have no respect or sympathy for any ICEhole that meets his Karma. It is a job designed for cowardly bullies. They serve no valid purpose, they are the vicarious actors for other scum who like to cause pain to innocent people. Fuck the lot of them.


The lesson here is that Niemoller has been reciting his poem for quite some time now.


I had the same thought.


I wish I had the fortitude to work for the agency. As an avowed subversive, I’d love to do some damage from within, both physical and immaterial.


Roger That!


… and that’s how you get a Reichstag Fire.


This agency and its union have been from the start and remain the strongest LEO supporters of Il Douche. If the regime wants to step up its antagonism towards its opponents ICE can also be re-purposed to harass and round up dissidents as it currently does immigrants.


Want to resist?

Start here:


Warrants and the rule of law don’t matter under the current administration?

You had the answer all along. It was within your own heart!


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