Trump's ICE snitch-line is full of people secretly trying to deport their in-laws


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Me: This looks like the Gestapo! They thrived on this!

Also me: Can I use this on my in-laws?


Given that ztrumphski is the worst of people, he would of course have easily foreseen this.


Hmmm my Mother in Law WAS from Poland… though she has citizenship now… And she’s my ex-MiL.


Hey, if you can’t report your family, who can you report?


There’s a woman named Susana Martinez who would benefit from a call to La Migra.


There was one where someone reported an illegal migrant got in a “hit and run” with them - and BTW here’s the migrant’s home address, VIN, and auto insurance policy number.


Now I have some options when an overzealous BoingBoing moderator tries to keep the world from hearing one of my my insightful but inappropriate rantings!!!

It would be great if the moderators could please put their immigration status along with home address on their profile page. Thanks for your patriotic support.


This story about a despicable agent is what I think of whenever the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement comes up in an article or conversation.


So basically it’s like the comments on youtube and that drunk guy in the bar who tells you too much and won’t leave except with the power to actually destroy entire communities and rob families of their mothers, husbands, children, and freedom. Nice. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Why deal with your problems when you can just burn the village!
Actually though it kind of frightens me as I have A) a creepy stalker and B) a reason to care. So seriously fuck these people. I hope at some point it backfires and they are truly truly miserable.

God I hate populism.


“Hey, is this the ICE Snitch Line? Cool! There’s this guy, called, “Trump”; at least that’s his Anglicized Name. I understand he’s actually of German ancestry…”


Caller: Hi, my ex-wife, somethings wrong with her. really wrong, very wrong. she looks happy and I think she has sex that she likes. a lot.

Snitch-line: I’m sorry Mr. President but we can’t deport someone for that.

Caller: My name is John Barron, but people often confuse me with the President because we’re both handsome and smart. Just the smartest.

Caller: I’d like to deport my wife, she doesn’t hold my hands or love me at all.

Snitch Line: Mr. President, we’ve talked about this.


Can’t you just SWAT your stalker? :open_mouth:


Nope, SWAT teams don’t go to other countries lol


I believe Trump’s supporters would view this as a feature, not a bug.


Snitches get stitches.


A programme like this is just waiting for an American Pavlik Morozov to be named after.


Its like the person who drew that didn’t know how hats go on heads.


It wouldn’t be until 1937 that the Lil Stalin clothing chain that sold commissar outfits in kids’ sizes was opened, so they could only do so much.

[seriously, I’m sure you’re right and they just did a typically clumsy airbrush Shoop onto his photo]


Dammit. You beat me to it.