ICE and Florida Sheriff try their hardest to deport man born in Philadelphia


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He even has “brown” in his NAME. That’s just asking for trouble.


The GOP’s idea of “immigration reform” was never about actual immigrants. It’s a white supremacist agenda about forcing non-whites out of the country to make the US a white “ethnic” homeland. Deporting US citizens born in the US wasn’t just possible, it was their plan.


And not a very original plan, at that.


Color me shocked.



Though American exceptionalism might make this seem like a glib statement, ICE’s mandate is literally one of ethnic cleansing.


My first thought was “what’s in it for them?”
Why bother deporting an innocent man, seemingly at random? Then I realized he’s black. Unfortunately, that explains it completely. If he was white, this wouldn’t be happening. Simple as that.


I immediately assumed his race, just based upon the country they were trying to deport to him to; I can’t see them ever deporting any White folks to Jamaica or Haiti.


I sure hope someone is making a list of all the violations of law committed by authorities in service to the current administration. It’s got to be at least in the 10s of thousands, maybe even into 6-digits.


Did he produce his long-form birth certificate?


“Mr. Brown?”

Maybe this is the guy Bob Marley was singing about all those years ago. Serves him right for “riding around town in a coffin.”

(Wonder what Bob would say about that sheriff? :wink: )


I thought already knew about Liberia, but this section of the wikipedia entry…

Jehudi Ashmun, an early leader of the ACS, took steps to lease, annex, or buy tribal lands along the coast and along major rivers leading inland in Africa in 1825 and 1826, where he intended to establish an American empire. In 1821, Lt. Robert Stockton, Ashmun’s predecessor, had pointed a pistol to the head of King Peter, which allowed Stockton to persuade King Peter to sell Cape Montserrado (or Mesurado) and to establish Monrovia. [34] Stockton’s actions inspired Ashmun to use aggressive tactics in his negotiations with King Peter and in May 1825, King Peter and other native kings agreed to a treaty with Ashmun. The treaty negotiated land to Ashmun and in return, the natives received three barrels of rum, five casks of powder, five umbrellas, ten pairs of shoes, ten iron posts, and 500 bars of tobacco, as well as other items.[35]

“Allowed Stockton to persuade King Peter to sell…”



This part’s horrible too (same wiki entry):

Emigrants arriving in Liberia suffered the highest recorded mortality rate in accurately recorded human history.[5][6] Of the 4,571 emigrants who arrived in Liberia from 1820 to 1843, only 1,819 survived until 1843.[7][8] The ACS knew of the high death rate, but continued to send more people to the colony.




So they’re not just trying to get rid of brown people, now they’re going after Brown people, too.


Remember, this is all test-marketing by the regime and its supporters and enablers. First they came for Mr. Brown…


Next they came for Mr. White?


Some people have all the fun.


Just imagine how they treat people who are here legally but weren’t born in this country, or people who are here on asylum, or any number of reasons. The guy got “lucky” that he’s a natural born citizen that he even made the news over his treatment.


We now have American fascism in full bloom.


How about instead of just civil suits that will get paid off by the taxpayer, we actually get some DA’s that are willing to go after cops who willingly and wantonly break the law?

Commit several crimes in the course of “duty” against Mr. Brown? Jail f-ing time just as if I had kidnapped and incarcerated Mr. Brown…

Spending some time on the other side of the bars just may make law enforcement bozos a bit less cavalier about committing crimes against the people they’re supposed to be protecting.