Security researchers repeatedly warned Kids Pass about bad security, only to be ignored and blocked

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Doesn’t this come back to bite companies on the rump? One defense is they did not know of a given flaw and if it has been pointed out to them directly, does this not increase their liability if they then do not fix it?

I am by no means a lawyer but I would think this would allow injured parties to really clean them out.

It might if the clickwrap Terms of Service didn’t have a mandatory arbitration clause with you having to shoulder the costs when you lose.

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So you’re saying that having people’s lives ruined is equivalent to a corporation paying out money?

But corporations are people, my friend! /s

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I set up a new PC for my spouse last night. When I asked what pass to start with, the first answer was the totally inadequate short pass from the previous PC. I was instructed to then use the nickname she has for me when I’m totally being a jerk.

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