Seeking good videos for happy mutant toddlers

Parents of BoingBoing, what are some good videos for toddlers? I’m looking for something that isn’t Disney, isn’t saccharine, and isn’t full of gender role crap (or other crap) for boys or girls.

We watch a lot of nature videos and truck/car/plane videos on youtube. The Curious George movie was great. What are some longer videos or full-length movies that you’ve enjoyed with your 2-3 year old kids, or think a toddler might enjoy?

Mighty Machines is a staple in our household. It does okay on gender role crap compared to most. The ones made in the 90’s are fun to watch at any age as there is some dialogue that can be taken different ways.

One of my favourites, a truck talking about the factory paint job it received, after painting it gets the paint baked on in a huge truck oven (non-technical terms here are my own)

“Man, I remember when I got baked… it was niiice and toasty…”

I’ve seen them all many times now, except for some racy dialogue between some snowplows in Montreal it’s pretty tame.

Edit- these are all 25 minutes or so, I’m not sure on movie length stuff as we aren’t there yet.

Andy’s Airplanes was a popular choice for a bit. Half hour or so, on YouTube.

Ha! I will check these out, thanks. Had no idea about the muppets-style double level dialogue. My son really enjoys the twentytrucks videos so these will probably be a hit. We watch the movie length stuff 30mins at a time so that’s perfect.

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Thanks, will check this out too! I know another little boy who’s huge into airplanes, may point his mom at these too.

Shawn the Sheep, also its younger-themed spinoff Timmy Time.


Wallace and Gromit is in the queue at any age.


The curious george tv series is good, and it seems to be on youtube. If you like that, give dinousaur train a try.

Thank you, will look for that!

Oh yes! Thank you, hadn’t even thought of it!

On the subject of British toddler fodder, what do you think of Peppa the Pig and her horrid younger brother? We watched Peppa and the cuckoo clock and were underwhelmed, but I keep hearing good things. Worth another try or not?

I haven’t seen that one, sorry.

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