Sega gives employees a 30% raise across the board

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Hopefully it’s a significant enough raise. As Billy Preston said, “Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’”.


I remember that when I first started working, I got steady raises quarterly. Now, annual and 90% of what I get rated on happens in the last month before the year ends. Heck, I worked the hardest I ever did last year, including managing what was described as an “apocalyptical scenario never before seen in the history of the company” with complete coolness for over 6 months to the point of getting bonuses…yet that was less than a full sentence in my review.

Also, not sure why your average Joe gets 3% bump if he’s lucky and the average CEO gets 20%. If Joe leaves, the CEO ain’t doing his work.


A loooooot of talent left my workplace last fall, and management decided they needed to do something about it. I ended up getting a 20% raise out of it. It motivated me far more than “free pizza in the breakroom.”


I just got a promotion and a small raise. yay, but I think inflation more or less made it equal. :frowning: I did move to Mint Mobile from ATT and that is saving some money!

Anyway - doesn’t Japan have laws that cap CEO salaries based on a percentage of what others make?



If you’re to post a picture from Yakuza 0, you may as well do it right:



I don’t want to seem disaproving of Sega’s giving more money to the workers. Good for them, kudos!

But consider this: percentage raises are ones of the ways that money continues to consolidate at the top. Inflation and cost of living are extremely unevenly distributed; and they hit lower incomes harder. A more socially responsible scheme would look more like this - let’s say you’ve decided corporate profits can provide a 30% raise across the board. OK, take that monetary amount, divide it by the number of employees, and give them all the same raise - so the janitor (who is a critically important employee who is hit much harder by food and fuel cost increases than the CEO) gets a 50% raise, while the CEO only gets a 1% raise, because they both get the same dollar amount. That is distributing the money so it will do the most good, not just for the company but for society as a whole.


What this says to me though, is that they’ve been underpaying their employees by a HUGE amount up until now. It’s a great move but this should never happen.


No, they just do that on their own. When Carlos Ghosn was making the equivalent of 10M USD at Nissan, that was scandalous.


TODAY I LEARNED: “Sega” still exists :confused:

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