CEO gets the last laugh after Fox News called him a "lunatic" for paying all employees $70K

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As usual, the facts and reality won’t change the minds of the greedpigs and hatemongers at Faux one bit.


It’s a private company, and the owner pays his employees what he thinks they should get.

So that’s “socialism”???


No, it’s apparently giving money you didn’t earn to people who did.


AKA the “undeserving”, per GOP/Fox News parlance.


No no, it’s when we pay people enough to live with dignity. How will people learn their place if they aren’t desperately trying not to lose their home?


It’s a terribly easy concept which when applied to a business that does legitimate things becomes noble. When applied to a middle man company who handshakes debt transactions and you’re just a pioneer who is part of the problem.


Yes, paying people a living wage causes them to go on welfare, while paying them starvation wages makes them self-sufficient.


Dan Price seems like a good person and I honor him for the respect he shows his employees. But once again we’re back to the problem of the Good King vs. the Bad King. Mr. Price is a Good King, but sadly, he will not last forever. Someday, either at Gravity or some other company, his employees will once again have to deal with a Bad King, who is the norm across corporate America.

The problem is not so much how to encourage Good Kings and get rid of Bad Kings, but rather to get rid of kings in general. Why is the governing system that we would not tolerate for our nation so prevalent in our workplace, arguably the center of our lives? We need a more democratic system, both in our nation and in our jobs. If you are a stakeholder in something, be it a country, a region, a neighbourhood, or a workplace, you deserve a voice in what happens there.


Do these people really know what socialism is?

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You know, it’s just great to see someone with a noble cause actually succeed. He’s happy, his employees are happy, and his business is thriving. And all because he looked at the living situation of one employee and realized they shouldn’t be working two jobs to make ends meet while he made more money than he reasonably needed to get through life.


It shows how a successful company can pay employees a good wage and still be profitable. Also that paying people well usually results in better work results.


This kind of attitude builds loyalty as well; the employees really care for this company. Read this BB article from January:


It can be, but I doubt that Fox News has the knowledge or awareness to know that, and even if they did they wouldn’t tell their viewers to stop them from getting ideas.

I don’t think socialism was what Dan Price had in mind though. This case is more like principled social liberalism.


Also a case of “pay your staff what they are actually worth, as opposed to the current ‘race to the bottom’”, where the bottom is a minimum wage that doesn’t reflect reality and hasn’t kept up with inflation at all.


I think we can all agree, Fox News and most conservatives define “socialism” as freely as John Cage defines “composition.” It’s whatever they want it to be at the moment.


That is principled social liberalism. The idea is to stop people getting so pissed off with capitalism that they start looking at alternatives.

I agree with @Brian_Shock though. It can only stay principled for as long as there is a good boss, and there will be a bad boss one day.

There are some ways that they won’t define it though.

Market. Good. Working. Libertarian.

Socialism will always have to be an authoritarian failure. It’s why co-ops had to invent a new name for themselves when they started opening shops in Republican towns that were abandoned by the big name supermarkets. The people living there would rather starve than go to the socialists for help.


“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”
― George Orwell, 1984 The Fox New Reporter Guide


In Gandhian economics or non-violent economics, this behavior is called “trusteeship,” where the owner of an enterprise acts as a trustee for the workers, customers, suppliers, and community. There are numerous examples in the USA today like Chobani Yogurt and Market Basket supermarkets whose “strike” a few years ago saw managers, workers, customers, and suppliers avoiding the company until they returned the trustee CEO who was fired by the board of directors.