Dunkin' CEO makes $10 million a year but $15 minimum wage is "absolutely outrageous"


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What would happen if he was forced to raise the price of donuts slightly to accommodate those wages? Would people stop buying them? It sort makes me question the purchase of donuts right now (or any fast food, really) knowing that slave wages enable their production.


Rich people actually taste remarkably like chicken.


He’s right, $15 is outrageous.

They deserve $15 and a union. The ACA really has made it cheaper for Dunkins to offer low-cost health insurance, too.


I guess I’ll drink coffee at home.


There’s just… so many of them… ick. The world would be so much better if there were 100 ten-billionaires, 500 billionaires, 2500 one-hundred-millionaires, and 12500 ten-millionaires, and one billion robots to feed, cloth, and entertain us all.


And I’d debate keeping the ten-millionaires… they’re new money and such plebs.


How depressingly bland. If we’re cruel to them before we eat them, can we improve the flavour, d’you think? You know, foie gras stylee?


What’s outrageous is that $15/hr is a 70% increase. I bet they have all sorts of bs communitcations within the company claiming they care so much about the employees.


And they accuse occupy wall street of waging “class warfare”…


It’s worth a try.
They also with a little rendering happen to be an excellent source of Bio-Diesel.


Crated Trump.


This guy needs to be punked in some major way. A Yes Men style press release in his name expressing regret, reducing his own pay to 5x what his lowest paid workers get, and raising everyone’s wages to a minimum $15. Anonymous, you listening?


Oh, sure, free labor. Way to put hard working people out of work.


It’s not so much what the minimum wage is, it’s what the maximum wages are.
Limit maximum wages. But…but…then, the rich, they won’t do those jobs if they can’t get rich, will they?.
What are they going to do? Go on welfare?


Ah! Here is the rub… limiting their income does little damage to their bottom line, because, as Piketty argued, the rich often derive more wealth from their capital investments, not their income…


No, they’ll escape the country to go create their own Randian libertarian utopia somewhere where everyone is wealthy and industrious and selfish until they all die of disease and infection because no one is lowly enough to clean the toilets or take out the trash. And the world will rejoice.


Surely we have to keep some. Robots just aren’t that good at working in my toe jam fermentation farms.


Or for a more likely scenario: http://boingboing.net/2011/11/09/tom-the-dancing-bug-look-what.html.


So, his base salary is 33 times the $15 an hour of someone working fulltime at DD. Yet this horrible wage is going to ruin the company. The financials say that won’t happen. I pulled this from the Dunkin Donuts 2nd quarter report ““We’re very pleased with our financial performance through the first half of 2015 which included nearly ten percent revenue growth and double-digit operating income growth. We remain on track to deliver our 2015 targets,” said Paul Carbone, Chief Financial Officer, Dunkin’ Brands Group, Inc.”

Net income was 42.3 million for the quarter. Not bad for selling donut mix and coffee to franchisees.