Self-driving cars face a huge challenge in detecting bicycles

Deal with (someone or something)

  1. To manage or handle someone or something (usually someone or something unpleasant). The phrase “deal with it” can be used dismissively to leave a task to someone else.
  2. To focus on or include something.
  3. To conduct business with someone or something.
  4. To treat someone in a particular way.
    5. Slang To kill someone.

Yep, they’ll deal with the squirrels all right


“Deal with” could be an owner setting, I suppose. :sunglasses:

Of course, if “deal with” is elimination, the cars better be able to differentiate between squirrels and pets in suburban/rural areas. Will pets have to wear a special collar?


Your phone, the drivers phone, and the car will be telling a data center in Utah where you each are, and will let each of you know when your time is up.



Will self-driving truck detect Moose?


I am having Black Mirror visions of small dogs chasing squirrels, and autonomous cars getting confused, saying “fuck it” and just flattening everything, including humans. :oncoming_automobile: :skull_and_crossbones:

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Don’t mess with the squirrels, Morty.


“covering it’s tracks” you mean?

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“Okay, well, this last 10% is the tricky part. It’s really hard. Is there a way we can make this part somebody else’s problem?” Do your fucking job. Gmail can filter out 99.999% of my spam. You can do this.


Seriously, I gotta pay for and wear another tracking device, produced by companies with unknown standards for security and reliability, so that someone else can have the benefit of being driven around? Because they can’t make their own product work right? Screw that.


Holy crap. Way to bring this full circle. I think I love you.

Back to the topic at hand… I’d probably buy one of these damned transponders for each bicycle/bicyclist in my house. I fully realize that it’s ridiculous, and that I’d be contributing to The Problem of letting carmakers off the hook for their shitty algorithms and pushing blame down onto innocents who didn’t buy a transponder and wound up getting injured.

My idealism has taken a big step backwards in recent years, allowed pragmatism to surface. So many fights just aren’t worth the personal risk now that I have people depending on me.


Pedestrian detection isn’t that bad.

it’s the same problem for aircraft pilots for ‘in the line of clear site’ observations
maybe this is where hologram technology and tv screen brightness bring
new boundaries will appear

Just wait until the inevitable competing standards kick in, and you have to wear several anti-car amulets.

“Poor guy, he had all the major brands, but didn’t know that his anti-Yugo charm had a dead battery.”


This sounds like a potentially useful way of increasing visibility for all car drivers. Cyclists should petition the government to make this a standard safety feature. Build the detection into all cars, alert when bikes are entering into blind spots, or when you’re approaching a bike. Make the transponders super cheap, like $3, and mandate price and easy availability through the regulation.

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So, pedestrians will need to have a current 3$ transponder to cross the street?

That’s not dystopian at all. /s


WTF? What is wrong with you? I’m talking about small vehicles that enter the flow of traffic like bikes, mopeds, and motorcycles.

I’m the worlds greatest no-goodnik. What is wrong with you, comrade?

That explains the character assassination.

Now that you’re done insulting me personally, could you consider that my point stands. Even though a no goodnik made it. The post is about bikes and pedestrians, and I don’t see how pedestrians wouldn’t need these transponders, and you might consider that rather than insulting me. Or not, it’s your cartoon universe.


The further into the future I get, the less I like it.


Pedestrians aren’t even mentioned in the article, its all about detecting cyclists.

Pheh, “the map is not the territory.”

All drivers (human and computer) build a model of the real world from sensory inputs. Any system that depends on active aids to paint objects into the model will eventually result in tragedy when those aids fail. (Dead battery, not wearing it, etc.)

So yeah, “Do your fucking job”: Make a system that can deal with cyclists at least as well as human drivers (a low bar), then let’s talk about safety aids to improve that.

Joggers on a rainy night really should be wearing hi-viz/retro-reflective strips/lighting, but I’m not allowed to mow them down if they’re not wearing it.