"Self-driving" van actually driven by human disguised as car seat

If they state they are looking to see if they need to add more signalling equipment, it could be that they’re looking to study to what extent people outside the vehicle attempt to use looking at the driver’s head/face to obtain information about what the vehicle is going to do. When walking, I certainly pay a great deal of attention to drivers’ faces to determine whether they’ve seen me before stepping in front of them. A driverless vehicle having a method of signalling “I have seen you” or “I am paying a lot of attention to the traffic moving from X direction because I am planning on turning” or something like that seems like a plausible area of study that would benefit from having the driver hidden.


I took the wording to mean they want to assure us the driver’s ability to drive safely isn’t impaired by the ridiculous costume.

That implies that they foresee some situation where other drivers out there will be driving around in seat-costumes. They’re testing the safety of the costume.

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