Self-help meets real science


A ****load of bogosity in the video examples. If that’s typical of the book, it’s in the “burn before reading” category.

This one is :59, does it mean the next will be longer? Because I’ll be prepared to accept it. NOT.

Pesco writes

Richard Wiseman is the professor of Public Understanding of Psychology at the UK’s University of Hertfordshire. His last book, Paranormality: Why We See What Isn’t There, was about the psychology of so-called supernatural experiences. His newest book, 59 Seconds: Change Your Life In Under A Minute…

Paranormality was published in 2011. 59 Seconds was published in 2010. Unless there’s been a major change in how integers are ordered, I believe Paranormality is Wiseman’s newest book.

And as Technogeek notes, the book has its moments of bogosity. Better than your average self-help book to be sure, but not the myth-busting ode to rationality it promises either.

Wow, these make a lot of strange assumptions.

Thanks! Fixed!

Like what?

I’m not an expert in psychology so I’m intrigued as to what problems I’m missing in the video.

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I’ve always wondered how learning something or getting instruction from a book gets to be called ‘self-help’.

It’s literally the reader being helped by someone else (ie the author).
The only probable way a self-help book is ‘self-help’ is if the reader is also the author.

It means there’s no chance someone might see you going into a – horror of horrors – therapist’s office.

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all self help is bs

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Self improvement is masturbation.

heh i should point out that I’m trying the “Playing cards against Humanity” thread - the rule is to post in two unrelated threads so that their names make a joke on the leaderboard of the most-recently-commented threads. For all I know, perhaps Self-help is not akin self indulgent circle jerk. YMMV.

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