Selfie addiction: the struggle is real


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Dealing with the emotional issues is real. Arguing over taking selfies being good or not is not.


How can he counsel anyone regarding emotional issues when he can’t control his own. And who takes three hours to get ready to go to dinner. Sounds like that is also an issue. He may be a nice guy but he’s all wrapped up in himself.


I struggle with giving advice on issues that i myself deal with but i think that in some cases a person can definitely give meaningful insight and advice even if they are guilty of doing that very same thing. Granted they should be plenty self-aware, i’m generally upfront about my own struggles when giving advice to a friend.

About the guy in question, definitely i would not take any advice he has to give.


I believe that this is the one and only instance where using the term “on fleek” to describe this guy’s eyebrows is linguistically correct…


Is there an anti-selfie addiction? Because I have avoided being in pictures since time immemorial.



sounds to me like he needs a new hobby.


Junaid Ahmed takes 200 selfies a day,

Stop it!


Every unpleasant behavior is now an addiction. Sufferers need lots of coddling and lenience.


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